RESULTS: Weight Loss, Energy, Mental Clarity, Mood Enhancement

"I want you to know that this has been a life changer for me. Yay! 

For the first ten days or so, I felt a bit better but I was so constipated and I couldn't understand since I was eating so many vegetables. Day eleven turned out to be a big turnaround. My tummy feels so much better. I've found my appetite again! This is one of my biggest delights! My husband has asked 'Where did B go?' because I never had much of an appetite, always feeling full. Now I can't seem to get enough food and everything tastes so good. I'm loving it! 

I've gotten really good at having some cut up veggies around me at work and have resisted the usual sweets that appear here and there. There's been a few times that I've had one more serving of protein or class 2 veggies than I was supposed to, but for the most part, I've been good.

My pants are getting roomy and my tummy is definitely not protruding as much. I've been faithful about taking the supplements and I know they are really helping.

This has helped my thinking. My mood is so much more positive and I have more energy. Wow, I could go on and on!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- B., Age 59, Seattle

RESULTS: Healing Skin Issues

"For a number of years I was bothered by a dry itchy skin condition in one of my ears.  I saw several doctors, including a dermatologist, trying to get it cleared up. It was first diagnosed as Swimmer’s Ear, then Dermatitis, then Eczema. All of the doctors prescribed some sort of hydrocortisone cream which controlled the itching but never cleared it up.  In fact, it was spreading… from the ear canal to my earlobe. 
I finally found relief when Peni helped me discover and control the underlying condition… Candida, a yeast overgrowth in my body.  Candida will often show up as a vaginal “yeast infection”.  In my case it decided to settle inside my ear.   An itchy ear may not sound like much of a problem, but Peni felt that a chronic and persistently uncomfortable condition must be a symptom of some other problem. 

I’m thankful that Peni helped me successfully fight the Candida with diet, herbal supplements and probiotics."  
- T.E., Age 61, Oceanside


RESULTS: Weight Loss, Sleep, Focus, and Balanced Hormones

"I came to Peni after a ridiculous crash style diet. It worked, but I recognized the likelihood of gaining it all back if I went back to my old ways. I was embarrassed at my choice to go that route to lose weight and confessed to her with great anxiety. I thought for sure I would be scolded and advised of the health risks, drawbacks and limited success of "Crash dieting" but to my surprise and delight, Peni was absolutely wonderful about it. She said nice things like, "My suggestions may feel against your inclinations at first, I ask that you go with it. I totally understand that it will be challenging" Absolutely understanding! My thought process about how to approach food was skewed to say the least. She knew that in that mindset she might meet resistance and addressed it proactively.

My goals were to maintain the weight loss, get restful sleep, maintain better focus, regulate periods and alleviate PMS.

At that time I was NOT working out AT ALL. Peni asked that I find something I could commit to for just one day a week. She also tested me in order to design a specific supplement regiment that was just right for me. It was really cool to learn that so many little things could be adjusted, naturally! I tell everyone to take tryptophan before bedtime for a great night sleep now : )

I am a 4 year old inside. I have oodles of questions. I have to know why? and for how long? and what if? and warned Peni that she may find me intollerable! Super high maintenance.

I NEVER was made to feel that way though. She answered my texts, calls and emails. She helped me with recipes. She listened when I couldn't seem to quit with the daily scale and patiently assured me if I trust her food plan, I would not gain weight. "Just give it 3 days before you weigh" she'd plead. Sure enough, sticking to her guidelines does the trick. I waited the 3 days and the world did not end HAHA!

I really liked adding the supplements, even got down to one cup of coffee each day. I don't even NEED that, just enjoy one. The Vit D/K has helped with mood. The L Glut with cravings. As I began to feel better, I was more and more interested in working out. Now I go to Hot Yoga about 4x weekly. I actually miss it when I can't make it!

One night after a long weekend full of indulgence, I woke with horrible guilt and palpable anxiety. In the middle of the night I wrote Peni. I confessed all the bad I had been doing to myself. I confessed my feelings of utter weakness and failure. I told her more honestly than I tell my best girlfriends. She did not scold me for the backslide. She did not remind me of the work I had done and was undoing. She was loving and kind and genuinely comforting to me. We talked it out, revised our plan of attack and I healed my body and spirit with her by my side. No, that doesn't say enough, Peni lead me through to the other side : )

I give thanks, praise and highly recommend Miss Peni Rae - my Nutritionist & my friend."

- G.K.M., Age 42


RESULTS: Weight Loss, Mental Clarity, Energy

"When I contacted Peni, I was at a point of despair. From working out to watching what I ate, nothing seemed to help with weightloss, I was actually gaining weight! For a year I battled as I saw the numbers on the scale go up, and the number of clothes that fit go down. Add to that mental fogginess and memory loss and it was the perfect package. Then I met Peni on a wonderful Tuesday afternoon. With her guidance and recommendations I saw results within a few weeks! Not only have I shed some pounds, more importantly, I feel myself again. I can focus more and have alot more energy than I have in the past year.

What I love about Peni is that she was very supportive along the way. I am the kind of person that googles everything, loves to research about everything I do and put in my body. Peni was always there to answer all of the questions I had about supplements and foods. But the best part is that she has a holistic approach, which I love. 

I am still in the process of getting to my ideal goal, but now am equipped with the knowledge to make the decisions that will get me there.

Thank you so much!"

- N., Age 35


RESULTS: Overcoming Alcohol Addiction, Mood Balance

"I was introduced to Peni Rae when I made the decision to quit drinking alcohol. My drinking wasn’t out of control, but I had been unable to stop for more than 3 or 4 days at a time. Peni helped me to control my cravings and moods through amino acids, vitamins, and proper nutrition. She put me on an easy yet effective liver detox for six weeks.

Needless to say I was astounded at how quickly my cravings were minimized and my moods were rebalanced. Seven months later I am still not drinking and am surprised at how effective the amino acids worked. Some of my friends were skeptical of this program and pointed out that I had also been working out regularly; but, to be honest, I had previously tried to exercise and failed. I feel that with her nutritional guidance, vitamins, and amino acid course I now have the energy and the discipline to engage in regular exercise and even managed to lose weight which was not an original concern.

On a more practical level, I was impressed with how well she kept track of what I was taking. She regularly consulted with me as to the program’s effectiveness and even reminded me when to reorder. Sometimes during a serious detox, keeping track of one’s own progress can be difficult, and Peni thoroughly guided me through it. Her initial communication was straight forward and practical, but whenever I’ve been very emotional, she’s offered good, grounding and compassionate advice. Peni has offered more advanced treatment such as hormonal balancing and adrenal strengthening, which I am considering, but since tapering off the amino acids, I find myself feeling so much better that I could stop now. I also know that she maintains confidentiality because the mutual friend who introduced us knows nothing about my case. :)

Peni will research vitamins, minerals, shakes, cleanses etc. all based on individual need, effectiveness and COST. Peni knows how to work within your budget.

I have followed her advice and guidelines almost to a T, except for eliminating coffee, which I stubbornly refuse to do! I have so much more energy, alertness, clarity and mood balance. I haven’t felt or looked this good in years, and for this, I am forever grateful to Peni."

- A., Age 42, Los Angeles


RESULTS: Controlling Eating Disorder and Anxiety

"I have been working with Peni as my nutritionist for almost a year now. For my individual needs, I didn't focus on weight loss as many women do. I was over-prescribed by a psychiatrist; for over a year I took so many prescription anti-anxiety medication prescribed because of my hectic work schedule. I was let go from the company I worked for due to the plummeting economic situation in the US in 2009. After a few months, I started feeling like I was in a constant fog. I decided to go to a different psychiatrist that found I was over prescribed and even stated that he was shocked "a female of my size and age could take that much medication". After my new doctor was able to successfully take me off of almost all of the medication, I went to Peni Rae for help with the final transfer (I wanted) from prescription anxiety and sleeping medication to a holistic plan. Peni has helped me tremendously. Then, I dropped a bomb on her...I was fighting an eating disorder. Something I have been dealing with off and on since I was 7 years old. 

I've been to treatment facilities and I have seen and felt the damage that having these disorders have done to my body, however, I just couldn't stop for good. Peni explained how this disease was part of my brain chemistry. To change that, we have to improve the chemistry in my brain and my body. She brought me a wonderful book and pointed out some great chapters that really resonated with me. My psychologist, whom is also helping me is excited that I have a nutritionist and also took note of the book that Peni showed me to give to some of her other patients. Coming from a trusted doctor that has been working with me for almost 5 years was just an extra star to add to Peni Rae's already impressive resume for me.

Although I know I still have more work to do, I am secure that I will finally find a way to beat my "issues" while working with Peni.

Another great thing I love about Peni is her knowledge about skincare! I'm a huge fan of skincare products and I am always excited to hear what her advice is about certain products."

- K., Age 38


RESULTS: Weight Loss

"Signing up for a nutrition plan with Peni Rae has been the smartest choice I’ve made in my life – I say that with extreme certainty.

Throughout our counseling sessions, Peni became a close friend. Not only was she my nutrition educator, she became a coach and a solid support system. She made herself readily available to meet my needs and hectic schedule.

Peni helped me make smart, healthy choices without restricting my eating habits. She taught me how to read and understand nutrition labels and developed a personalized meal plan.

Her expertise and sunny personality made our sessions highly enjoyable and worthwhile. I have melted pounds away and constantly get compliments on how great I look; most importantly, though, I feel great. None of this could have been achieved without her.

I highly recommend Peni to anyone who is ready to make the most positive change in their life; one that will last a lifetime.

Thank you, Peni, for helping me feel great!"

- P.F., Age 26, San Diego


RESULTS: Thyroid Health

"Peni Rae is a wonderful holistic nutritionist. I came to Peni because I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I was feeling tired, had gained weight, was moody, and couldn’t sleep well, and was encountering frequent stomach pain and issues. Traditional medicine was not working out for me. I wanted to try a more natural approach but didn’t know how. Peni put me on a food and supplement plan to start healing my thyroid and I started to feel better almost immediately!

Three months later my thyroid tests had significantly improved into the normal range again. The doctor was even amazed at how that could happen with no medication. Since then I have been continually improving my health and lifestyle under her advisement.

I’ve lost 9 ½ pounds, I have way more energy, rarely have any recurring digestive issues, my hair, skin, and nails are extremely healthy and vibrant. Best of all, I look and feel at least 5 years younger all thanks to Peni Rae and her knowledge about nature and how it works with the body."

- S.T., Age 37, San Diego


RESULTS: Easing PMS Symptoms

"For over half my life, I’ve had horrible PMS and menstrual cramps every month. I’m talking about being in agony and not able to get out of bed for 1 or 2 days. With the cravings and severe mood changes, it was like I was a different person for about a week out of the month. The doctors just say that the only thing I can do is deal with it and they prescribe strong painkillers.

Peni said she could help with changing my diet and gave me supplements to help with the hormone imbalance. I didn’t believe it would work but decided to try it anyway. What a huge difference! The cramps were so much better and so were my mood changes after the first month. The months when I don’t take the herbs, the cramps are horrible again so I’m reminded that it really works.

She is also great at teaching me about staying away from fake estrogen in plastics and other things we are exposed to every day. I can’t believe more people don’t talk about this kind of stuff. It’s changed my life. THANK YOU!!!"

- R.F., Age 38, Los Angeles